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ciley---'Notice Me' layout

Icons & Wallpapers

Set I: Picspam Icons
7 [001-002 & 008-012 James Marsters]
1 [003 Doctor Who quote ('Fear Her')]
4 [004-007 Sarah Michelle Gellar]
20 [013-032 Pirates of the Caribbean (includes some AWE & some Sparrabeth)]
13 [033-045 Noel Gallagher]
12 [046-057 Lyle Lovett]
11 [058-068 Charlie Chaplin]

Set II: Wallpapers
1 [001 SMG (1024x768)]
2 [002 & 006 Spike/Buffy (1024x768)]
1 [003 Kristen Bell (1024x768)]
1 [004 Supernatual (could be implied Wincest)-(1024x768 & 1280x800)]
1 [005 Jensen Ackles (1024x768)]
1 [007 Charlie Chaplin (1024x768)]
1 [008 Doctor Who ('Doomsday')-(1024x768 & 1280x800)]

Set III: Pirate Tattoo Icons
8 [001-008 Cartoons]


DW-Doomsday Rose/Ten PinkStripe

Collection of things

I'm not the quickest girl around so it took me till now to realise that a) some of this might not be quiet worksafe and I should probably tell you that...and b) those fic banners are linked to a flocked community--I'm sorry about that. I'll try to post the full size banners later if anyone wants. Again, I'm sorry

Overall Previews:

spuffy_haven has an 'Art Before Fic' Challenge going (you make a banner and give ficathonesque specifications for a fic and then later there are going to be sign ups for who writes what)...Anyway, they have it so of course I went and made some banners (3 so far but there's nothing to say I won't make any more)

Spuffy Haven's 'Art Before Fic' ChallengeCollapse )

Then I made some more wallpapers for my Spuffy table at fandomarts66

Spuffy WallpapersCollapse )

I also made some suff for indigo_crypt

Spuffy Leather Challenge EntryCollapse )

Banners for FicCollapse )

All those 'Spike in fur' things started with a manip I did and posted at Two Fool Things..

here you goCollapse )

And for the lateseasonlove 'Wrecked' icon challenge, I made some icons

Mmmm Spike arms...arms of SpikeCollapse )

and LJ made my 'banners for fic' cut tag into < lj-cut "="" text"banners="text" for="for" fic"="Fic" banners"="Banners" >...'kay then LJ
DW-Doomsday Rose/Ten PinkStripe

(no subject)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 139 icons, 4 wps, 1 banner here

Dr Who
: 16 icons here

Various: 23 icons, PotC WPs, Jensen Ackles WPs, SPN headers, Kate Winslet header here

Veronica Mars 89 icons, 1 WP, 2 banners here

Kristen Bell  99 icons, 1 header (with icon), 2 FO banners here
DW-Doomsday Rose/Ten PinkStripe


posted 17 wallpapers right here
(Harry Potter, Prison Break, Spike from BtVS, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lost (Charlie and Sawyer), Eliza Dushku, James Marsters, Robbie Williams....)
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DW-Doomsday Rose/Ten PinkStripe

(no subject)

2 Sarah Michelle Gellar banners and 1 friends only banner
16 Kelly Clarkson banners and 1 wallpaper
1 Mandy Moore wallpaper and 1 banner
3 Emmy Rossum banners and 4 wallpapers
3 Veronica Mars banners
2 Kristen Bell Banners
2 Assorted banners and 5 wallpapers (includes: Spike from BtVS, Billie Piper, and Kate Beckisale)